L. Matt Smith

  • Major native association spokesperson, public relations and social media manager
  • Board member of several Native American owned corporations
  • Responsible for lead role on several Native American projects from conceptual to Tribal Council approval
  • In charge of addressing Native American business students and young entrepreneurs
  • Belong to the major native associations eg: NIGA, NCAI, CNIGA, USET, OIGA, OTGA, WIGA, etc.
  • Extensive experience in the hospitality industry specializing in customer service and relations
  • Receive many Native American service awards
  • Customer service recognition from Marriott Corporation




Jay Bollwinkel

  • Supporter of Native American Boys and Girls Clubs through donations of sporting goods and sports drinks
  • Sponsor of various Native American Conferences and Golf Tournaments
  • Manages complex projects from marketing, client relations and contract negotiation, through the design and construction document phase
  • Leads public workshops, guide neighborhood groups and governmental agencies through complicated public input processes relating to controversial projects
  • Serves as a former president of the Utah Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, Co-Chair of USU Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Advancement Board and various other community service organizations




John Watson

  • Consultant to tribal political leadership and economic development
  • Conduct Reservation tours for purposes of business development
  • Favored by tribal leadership to bid on products for Native American projects
  • Participant in Native American Economic Development conferences. eg: NIGA, REZ, G2E, etc.
  • Favorable standing in the Native American community
  • Supporting Native American Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Mentor and advisor to future Native American Leaders and Business Owners
  • Captain Utah National Guard (retired)
  • President and owner of Ethan Allen Interiors of Utah, 1975—2014
  • Mentor and advisor to independent Ethan Allen retailers





Michael Watson — Executive and Account Relationship Management

John Watson, Jr. — IT Operations and Project Management